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Whelan Mackay
The Secret Journalist ponders events of the week – catchy and quirky – in 140 words. This week: Dave Whelan | Sheffield United | England

Chelsea dominate dull Premier League title race

chels laughing
Sky Bet, our (not so) Secret Bookie, focus on the goalscoring giants

Premier League Predictions

Liverpool v Manchester UnitedBarclays Premier League 01/09/2013      ©Media Image Ltd. FA Accredited. Premier League Licence No.  PL13/14/P4462 Football League Licence No:  FLGE13/14/P4462 Football Conference Licence No: PCONF101/12 Tel +44(0)7974 568 859. email, 16 Bowness Avenue, Cheadle Hulme. Stockport. SK8 7HS. Credit Media Image Ltd
TSF columnists put their reputations on the line over the results of the next top-flight fixtures

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