Lifting the lid on the world of football

The Secret Footballer
17 Aug, 2012


Q: Where can I buy the book?
You can pre-order it from Amazon ( and The Guardian Bookshop (

Q: When is it out?
It is out in the shops on 23rd August

Q: Will you be revealing who you are?
Not in the book but possibly soon….

Q: Can i order your book if I live outside the UK?
Yup, as far as i know Amazon are shipping worldwide

Q: Will your book be available in iBooks or on Kindle?
I am doing a piece specifically for the Kindle. Regarding iBooks, I will ask The Guardian and let you know

Q: Are you still carrying on with your Guardian article after the book is launched?
It doesn’t look as if I’ll be writing for The Guardian this season but you can read my interviews/columns elsewhere (see & I have also been approached by another newspaper but it feels like an affair already!!

• I Am The Secret Footballer: Lifting The Lid On The Beautiful Game, published by Guardian Books on 23 August. To order a copy for £7.99 (rrp £12.99), with free p&p, visit

About the author: The Secret Footballer


I’ve seen everything there is to see in football, and a lot more outside of it. My anonymity let’s me tell you how it is, from inside the game without the shackles of pre-conception or fan bias.

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Other comments

  1. JulianByrne

    Loved the book, fair play to you for letting us supporters in on a little inside info. Keep it going. ps You have played for my club, haven’t you?

  2. Anne Lloyd

    Good book – good insight into areas I am not aware of. I am really curious as to who you are. I am a Wigan supporter who is very aware of the other 19 teams’ players (I only know of 2 other footballing supporters who know more than I do of the other teams’ players) and am disappointed that you have not mentioned my team apart from you thinking its an easy 3 points. Disappointingly you seem to be interested in only the “top” EPL teams of which there are already more than enough reports on them in the daily media. To my point of writing – I note 2 mistakes so far in your book ( I am on page 172) – Page 109 “Match if the Day” . Page 112 “hoovered” – should it not be vacummed? Hoover – brand name….Vacuum – verb.
    I appreciate this book in that I note people who do not normally read books are actually reading your book. Long may the “book form” live. I am actually introducing your book to my fellow supporters with the hope that they will read it/spread the word around and appreciate that a lot of you (not all) are human and have feelings too. Unfortunately you do get a lot of people expecting the best weekly and deride players publicly just because most of you earn a lot of money (compared to us) and are expected to give 200% every game without fail and can be “abused” at any time.
    Good book and all the best.
    I can’t wait to find out who you are.

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