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The Secret Journalist
30 Nov, 2012

Journo’s Friday thoughts

Sacre bleu, Monsieur Joey

Loved Joey Barton’s amusing “Franglais” accent – a la Steve McClaren’s Anglo-Dutch cameo – when chatting with les journos Francais. Barton might be a prize oik at times but too few top players have a sense of humour, let alone are able to take the Mickey out of themselves.

Hail the coupon-busters

Which Premier League team, at the final whistle, have yet to draw a match in 21 outings in all competitions this season? A clue: they have won 16, lost five. Give up? In true win-or-bust style, Manchester United.

Chelsea need a Pep-talk

Rafa Benitez has got off to an inauspicious start with Chelsea as “interim” manager, a title loosely translated as keeping the seat warm for Pep Guardiola, the Spaniard on sabbatical in New York. Two goalless home draws, boos from the fans? Come May, Rafa, take the money and run. If not before.

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