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The Secret Journalist
21 Dec, 2012

Journo’s Friday Thoughts

Player power wins again

Theo Walcott’s contract negotiations near breaking point. So what happens? Arsene Wenger plays him in a central striking role, as Walcott has always wanted, for the first time and he scores in Arsenal’s 5-2 victory at Reading. Smug smiles all round and player power wins yet another duel.

Dark days for Russia

A section of the Zenit St Petersburg supporters brazenly announces that it wants no black or gay players in its team. And yet Russia is staging the World Cup finals in 2018. Eastern Europe continues to exist in an age that has little relevance to modern-day society.

Chelsea overcome air miles

I’ve done the 12-hour non-stop flight from Japan to England and it’s mind blowing and body bamboozling. Fair play to Chelsea for overcoming that, despite their no doubt first-class luxury en route, and tonking Leeds 5-1 in their Capital One Cup quarter-final.

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