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New Gun Pick at Arsenal

Arsenal Football Club is an exceptional team and has some of the most talented players from all over the world. This major attribute to the team gives it the edge to be feared, but recent events have brought a...

SEA Games: Lions’ Test of Fire

It is a real hit of luck for any football team disputing an international tour, being in the same group with the host team. That’s what happened recently with Lions on Southeast Asian Football (SEA) draw in Kuala Lumpur. Lions were...

Shellharbour hosts State Cup semi-finals then plays Kanga Cup

The hosts will be in the thick of the activity when the semi-finals of the esteemed State Cup football competition comes to Shellharbour surprisingly on Sunday. Three Shellharbour Junior Football Club groups will be in real life at Myimbarr attempting...

Parents need to stop shouting at their kids games

A new study by Family Lawyers Perth shows an increase in the number of aggressive parents at sporting grounds in Western Australia. Its never ok at all for parents to shout at their young kids during a game at the pitch. It happens in most cases and its hard to get a youth game with good-behaved relatives. Most of them misbehave.


Kate Goodland shows off her post baby body

Kate Goodland, Harry Kane’s girlfriend was spotted going to the gym as she showed off her post –baby body. She delivered their first baby...