The conversation of the billionaire Mike Ashley with Jeff blue has allegedly led to a 15m lawsuit. What seems like a joke is now a court case. The sportswear tycoon, Mike Ashley has promised to pay 15m as they were having a drink in a London pub. Simon McEvoy could not believe Jeff Blue who wanted to extort millions from the tycoon.

McEvoy told the court that there was no agreement between Ashley and Blue and called it a joke in the pub. Blue wants the balance of 14m from the 15m that Ashley promised him at a London Pub in 2013. This agreement was to become valid if Jeff Blue could double the Sport Directs share price in three years. However, he has since been paid a bonus of 1m. Ashley termed the agreement as a mockery. He said he could not remember the details of the conversation. The case has attracted the attention of many reporters and has been moved to a larger court room.

Blue claims that Ashley, who also controls Newcastle United, conducts most his business in casinos and pubs. Therefore, Blue not wants the setting of the meeting to invalidate the deal. McEvoy, who was part of the conversation in 2013, says that he heard that Blue should be rewarded with the 15m bonus if Sports Direct doubles the share price. However, everyone laughed since it was seen a joke. McEvoy is against the idea of the Blues’ lawyer to sue Ashley. Peter Tracey, who heard the conversation, says that the agreement was a joke. He says that the football owner billionaire should not pay the amount.

Early this week, Jeff Blue presented the court with weird pictures that show Ashley subjecting the subordinates to extreme drinking competitions. At one point, the billionaire ended up vomiting into a fireplace. Ashley is also alleged to hold regular meeting with the senior management team at the Green Dragon pub near Sports Directs Warehouse. In most cases, Ashley lies under the table to nap as a way of expressing his frustration and boredom. On one occasion, Ashley and the senior colleagues at Sports Direct drank 3,000 bottles of red wine at Michelin Star Benares restaurant.

According to Blues, Ashley at his team order expensive red wine. Ashley and his colleagues did not stop drinking after the red wine ran out. Instead, they ordered Penfolds Grange that that cost 875 per bottle. Conclusively, Blues insist that Ashley should pay him the balance of 14 m out the 15m they had agreed on in 2013.


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