Arsenal Football Club is an exceptional team and has some of the most talented players from all over the world. This major attribute to the team gives it the edge to be feared, but recent events have brought a lot of worry and skepticism in the club’s in-house organization.

If you are a keen football fan you might have realized the poor performance the club has experienced; perhaps the worst performance ever in the 20 years it has been competing in the BPL. Due to the poor finish they displayed in the BPL table, Arsenal has gone the extra mile to re-organize its house by signing up Team Sky lawyer Huss Fahmy.

If you’re not well acquainted, Fahmy has been in the Sky organization for almost a decade now. Since his arrival from Herbert Smith in 2010, he has been in the inner circles of Sky Movies and Sky Sports platforms, and has even had his fair share in handling legal and commercial work for Team Sky. Besides this, he has also been the director of the business and commercial affairs for the cycling team, which has one of the world’s foremost members and all-time Tour de France winner, Chris Froome.

Now that he’s at Arsenal, Fahmy will take a position as the club’s in-house lawyer and is expected to handle player contracts alongside general counsel Svenja Geissmar, who was the first-ever in-house lawyer to join the club back in 2009. The strategy behind the sign up, is to bring in new talented signings to the club, all the while making sure the big players already in the club stay put, with the hope of returning Arsenal to its former glory.

After what the latest performance has shown, there has been pressure rising from within to bring in fresh talent. As far as the players already in the club are concerned, Arsenal FC is expecting to come up with new ways to keep them in the club, given that most of them have their contracts expiring in a matter of months, with the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Marquee, Mesut Ozil, and others. With Fahmy now on board, such issues and the legal aspects behind these contracts, and the new ones to come, Arsenal is confident that it will be in a better position to get things moving again.

After all, Arsenal FC isn’t new to the legal stream; the club has worked with law firms like Bird, Slaughter and May for years, and have regularly chipped in when it came to delicate and the most intricate of decisions concerning the club and its players. For example, it’s Slaughter and May who have regularly tried to galvanize the transfer of Ozil, the 42m signing from Real Madrid, in 2013. Also, Bird handled the kit provider deal with Puma back in the year 2014. Time will tell how this new sign up will affect the club’s interests.


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