The entire wardrobe of Victoria Beckham is dedicated to the her hair extensions and you have to see it to believe it.

Victoria Beckham is known as a chameleon with hair as she changes her tape hair extensions regularly from long waves to sleek blonde bob and whatever in between can be by changing her hairstyles. Now, with the help of The Home Edit, professional home organizers, who were engaged for the task of organizing the glam room at her Los Angeles house, her fans were allowed to have a look where a huge collection of hairpieces and wigs of Beckham were kept.

The wife of footballer David Beckham has a wardrobe that is entirely dedicated to her collection of hairpieces of so many different kinds. They are displayed in this wardrobe according to their colours and all are clipped on the hangers. Two rails were full of auburn and pink coloured hairpieces along with stands to display a collection of wigs of different types and styles that were seen in a photo shared on Instagram. We are of the impression that she has hairpieces of many other different shades.

Previously Beckham worked with Martyn Lawrence Bullard, an interior designer, to create a glam room for her perfectly which should include marble counters and drawers to store all of her hair and makeup products along with huge mirrors bounded by lights. However, it is assumed that she was not satisfied with his work as she has to call a team of professionals of The Home Edit, which has previously worked with her while curating her pantry and kitchen, to organize the space.

The pantry of Victoria Beckham’s house was also organised by The Home Edit perfectly like her glam room. They have lined up white woven baskets and clear plastic containers on the shelving from floor to ceiling, after labeling them neatly so that you can know what is inside them. The pantry of Becks is well stocked with a variety of food from Oatmeal to jellies, jams, and healthy snacks so that they can be used readily whenever required.


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