A new study by Family Lawyers Perth shows an increase in the number of aggressive parents at sporting grounds in Western Australia. Its never ok at all for parents to shout at their young kids during a game at the pitch. It happens in most cases and its hard to get a youth game with good-behaved relatives. Most of them misbehave.

The leading three Stockholm clubs suspected this in Sweden this year and asked for a survey. This review showed how common the problem is and how it is affecting the young players. It happened that one out of three children considered stopping their game due to what the survey termed as over-engaged Adults. Out of the 1,016 parents who answered the questionnaire, more than 80% confirmed that they had noted parents who push their kid too much or and shouting loudly at them.

The clubs members do not see players eye to the eye, but they joined their forces to launch a way to stop the problem. They sat at a round table together and came up with a short football code that they think will bring a change in the behavior of parents watching football played by youths.

Below is the Code:

As a parent, I will be involved positively, and I will do anything I can to support other children, my child, Club staff, parents and referees in training and at games. The results have been good. About 1,600 parents signed up to this code, and they are doing it day in day out. Parents also requested the clubs to write this code on T-shirts for the message to be shared widely. Due to that, top-flight clubs in Sweden have shown an expression of interest in the run.

The AIK vice-captain, Stefan Ishizaki said that the club’s players were careful to join too, In a kid’s sporting environment happiness has to be an important thing because in case it is not, then they can carry sadness with them all their lives. The games and the training sessions is where you spend a good time and do what you love.

It is all about their experiences and football is passion. Football is the most beautiful thing, and it is the way it should always be. That is why we should make sure children get to experience this happiness and joy feelings. Local and national media took over the outcomes of the review, done by Survey Sampling International. Patrick Ekwall who is an Express journalist hit the nail on the head and asked what was wrong with parents. That was the first question he asked himself when he finds out the outcome of the survey about parents. What is wrong with parents that yell and shout at their referees in a game? They are mad, that is the bad thing with them.

In fact, it is a global problem that seems to get worse. To end the problems, you need to start at a particular place, and that is what the three Stockholm clubs did. The campaign has gained power in Sweden, and we hope that by the end, all the clubs will have joined and start adhering to the code.


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