Sofia Hayat has turned over a leaf, so to speak. The 41-year old British-Indian bombshell has been around for seemingly ages now, gracing our screens in shows such as Footballers’ Wives, Big Boss and Waterloo Road. Recently she visited Australia and went to Breast Implants Perth to have her implants removed. According to Hayat, she has put a halt to her sex life and intends to live as a celibate nun moving forward.

Down memory lane

Known in both England and Bollywood, Hayat reflects on her life before enlightenment. She grew up in an ultra-conservative family, but broke away as a rebel in her teens. This strained her relationship with her parents, but she still went on to make something of herself both in the UK and India. Raised as a Muslim, she quickly defined her own destiny and chose to become a catholic, later choosing to take classes in Hindu.

When she turned 19, she met Leonardo Di Caprio in London, and this motivated her to make even greater strides toward her acting career. Later, she moved to India, landing her first Bollywood role in the movie Unforgettable. Life in Bollywood was a roller coaster for her. There were wild parties that stretched deep into the night, drugs in the mold of cocaine
and, generally, life seemed to move too fast.

The epiphany

It was in Bollywood that Hayat decided the life was not for her. Around her, everyone partied and smiled and pretended that their life had substance, but in all truth, it didn’t. The actress said that she felt that high rollers tended to live an empty life full of delusion, which is why she had a boob job but chose never to reveal that to anyone. It was part of
life for stars to strive for perfection and hide their flaws.

Her journey to the present moment started in 2014, a time frame in which she met a spiritual healer. After her time with the healer, things were never the same. She later started learning Reiki, which is popular for its stated ability to heal conditions via touch. Hayat even suggests that she helped her infertile friend, Liz Fuller, get on the path to delivering children. She says that it was at this point that she felt a change in her body-her
sexual desires died and the model ended up terminating her relationship to lead
a celibate existence.

In the later stages of 2014, she attended an Ayahuasca (some type of hallucinogenic tea) event within the UK, and this moved her further towards spiritual enlightenment. Over the years, she has gone to places and experienced the strong pull of spiritual purity. This is why she chose to shed her provocative look and go for a simple, conservative façade.

In the early part of this year, she decided to quit alcohol, become a vegan and get rid of her famous implants. She is reluctant to re-enter the acting ring but will consider it only if the roles give her the opportunity to be that new person. At the moment, her focus in on building a massive meditating temple for everyone in her home and being a nun.

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