The Wolves are seeking inclusion in the A-league and the representatives from Football South Coast have engaged in serious talks as the cut-throat bids for inclusion in the A league continues to build up. The Football Federation Association (FFA) have been taking their time and up until now the official details on the inclusion criteria and absorption into the league have not been released.

The Football Federation Association has kept many tensed football teams seeking validation on toes and teams like Wolves are busy tying any loose ends to ensure they fall into the official criteria when the FFA releases the anticipated details on the absorption into the A league criteria.

Earlier on, the chairman of the feverish Wolves led talks between the National Premier League alongside the former National Soccer League, the FSC and the governing body in the region were also represent during the talks.

The strain on the Wolves and FSC is getting tighter with each passing day as the supporters try to come up with reasonable arguments. The Wolves supporter are positive that the teams be taken into interest and be a representation for the South Coast while the Football South Coast strongly shows interest any liable bids that may come from other teams that wish to be represented in the ongoing Southern Expansion groups.

The Southern Coast aims at getting the most out of it by covering the South Coast and Wollongong. All things look good for FSC as they already have an MOU with the southern expansion. Papakosmas and Eddy De Gabrielle stated the meeting was fruitful and an MOU is close to being agreed on. According to Gabrielle, the talks focused on the bid and established a relationship that doesn’t have a good track from the past occurrences. Gabrielle specified that the board wanted to establish the ground rules the Wolves have, is it a company or a straight up football team?

Papakosmas stipulated that the team aimed at getting junior players active in the teams progress. The Wolves mainly highlighted Federici as their past talent despite producing other stars like Mile Sterjovski and Socceroo Scott Chipperfield.

FSC has maintained that they wish to see the region represented in the A league and have not closed any deals allowing the Wollongong to make their bid. In one of his statement, Papakosmas specified that the main objective is to use their resources to make significant differences both in the field and in other areas.


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